Nichietsu is developing offshore in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

According to the needs of the customer, it is possible to respond by contract type development and lab type development.

Development staff hired human resources who received higher education in Vietnam and trained from scratch based on our human resource development, development staff who received Japanese-style engineer education provide high quality service We offer

In addition, since first-class Japanese and second-class human resources are stationed in Vietnam, we have achieved stress-free communication with Japan.

A hybrid team consisting of Japanese Bridge SE and Vietnamese SE / PG can provide a system of the same quality as domestic development at a lower cost.

We offer contract development, lab type development and flexible development environment according to customer's request.

Contract pattern for offshore development

Consignment contract (consignment contract)

The customer receives an estimate request for system development, calculates the amount of effort, determines the delivery date, and contracts

Recommended for this project

  • Delivery date has been decided
  • There are few specification changes
  • I want to reduce development costs


  • Guarantee quality for results
  • It is possible to order from plan proposal, requirements definition
  • Development with short spirits
  • Budget is clear


  • It is more expensive than lab type
  • In principle, delivery by requirements definition at the time of ordering

Labor contract

Build a dedicated customer development team in Vietnam and sign a contract for a fixed period

Recommended for this project

  • We have regular projects and want to secure excellent human resources dedicated to our company
  • I want to temporarily increase the development line because my own source is not enough
  • Delivery date has not been decided
  • Maintenance work occurs frequently
  • Mock up your agile mock app


  • Low cost
  • Flexible response to specification changes etc.
  • Accumulation of know-how in a dedicated team
  • A small number of people (two or three) can start
  • Development team similar to your own staff


  • Must pay a certain cost of personnel even if there is no deal

Offshore staff placement pattern

Remote type

A form in which the customer proceeds with the project while communicating directly with our SE via Skype or video conferencing. Suitable model for manufacturing

Resident type

Offshore PM / SE will be stationed at your office, perform requirements definition and design, and deploy the project in Vietnam

Offshore Anxiety Q & A

Q Are you okay with language problems?


There is no problem with communication and documents in Japanese, as Bridge SE and communicators who can handle Japanese will be in charge of your company.

Q Is there any concern about the quality of overseas development?


I am relieved by the correspondence of the staff who received the Japanese style engineer education.

Q Is it time-consuming to develop because there is a time difference?


The time difference is minus 2 hours from Japan time, but because you are working early in Vietnam, there is almost no time to feel the time difference.

Q Are you anxious about contract or currency fluctuations?


The contract with a Japanese company is quoted and paid in Japanese yen.