We provide Vietnamese people who want to work in Japan and want to work in a Japanese company with the opportunity to learn Japanese common sense, common sense and business manners.

You can also build your own curriculum so that you can acquire more specialized skills from the basic skills required for your work, such as building a curriculum to suit the type of work and job type of your company.

In cooperation with Vietnamese universities and Japanese companies, we offer specialized curriculums by occupation. We are organizing classes for "Become a strength in the field."

ル フ ト


Our training center focuses not only on learning language and skills, but also on living in Japan and other countries, and touching on the habits, culture, and culture that are necessary for getting to work doing.

We believe that by accumulating high quality lives and careers, we will be able to develop human resources who can really become a force, and we will provide educational opportunities with that in mind.

We want to support activities so that Vietnamese people can become familiar with the land of other countries including Japan and form a new culture as a common being (Luft represents air in German) think.


About LFT

At our school, in addition to specialized knowledge and skills to meet the needs of each company, we are making daily efforts to develop talented human resources who have rich humanity as a basis for working people.

The school offers recruitment support that is matched to Japanese companies and organizations aiming to secure excellent human resources with Vietnamese students who are interested in the Japanese business industry.

In addition, briefing sessions and hiring interviews are held at any time, depending on the hiring schedule of companies.

For more details, we will contact you from the person in charge and we will meet you, so please contact us from the inquiry form.

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