We will provide a system that meets the real needs, taking into consideration the various problems and requests that customers have, and the convenience and operability to users using the system based on the content of the hearing. I will.

We can accept additional development, changes, and modifications of existing systems as well as system development and maintenance support.

We can help you streamline operations regardless of individuals or corporations.

Build a web system that supports various services

Web system development

Today, the business using the Internet has become pervasive, the globalization of companies has Nichietsued further, and the Internet has been completely established as a means of communication.

Therefore, web applications that use a browser interface play a major role in building relationships with customers, marketing, sharing in-house awareness, and promoting efficient operations. We provide total support from requirements analysis to open source customization, fully customized web system development, operation environment construction, and operation tasks.

We can develop various web systems, from development of web systems to streamline internal and external business operations to programs running on the back end of web sites.

If you are troubled with the introduction and development of the WEB system, please contact us. We provide optimal solutions and support your business with full strength.

Developable system

  • Construction of information sharing and communication sites such as Web-based customer management, document management, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Construction of a sales operation management Web system that realizes reduction of administrative burden (form creation, reporting, management) on sales operations to strengthening of compliance.
  • We will propose a strategic and actionable system unique to your company, after "visualizing" the complex intertwined operations by the business consulting.
  • Construction of business Web applications linked with other databases.

We design and develop a wide range of business systems, regardless of size

Business system development

We will solve what can not be done with commercial software such as Excel and Access.

We at Nichietsu carefully consider the customer's business characteristics and needs, and propose and develop a business system that achieves business efficiency and new business launch.

We carefully survey the customer's industry characteristics and needs, and carry out planning that can be used in business. We propose business improvement and efficiency improvement by application.

We propose the best solution based on our past experiences such as development of original software according to customer's request, repair of old software, etc., requirement definition, system design, development and operation , Software development to solve customer's issues.

We conduct a wide range of development and provision centered on the business systems required by small and medium-sized enterprises.

We will provide an order application that can meet all requirements and requirements from companies to private stores.

System that can be developed

  • Core system, sales management, customer management, production management, inventory management, sales management, cost management, store management, report preparation system, traceability system, etc.

We will develop a "visible" production system aimed at streamlining production

Factory (production management) system development

Manage information related to production centrally and realize efficient operation

We propose a production management, quality control, equipment monitoring, equipment control, and information collection system that is most suitable for your production equipment line.

In production operations, we will develop a total system that centrally controls all processes from receipt to receipt, issue, issue, production, and shipment. Information sharing in each department by centralized management of data suppresses the surplus of production and reduces cost by reducing inventory and reducing waste of procurement.

We offer production management solutions that help you transform, visualize, and reduce costs in the field.

Developable system

  • Production control, quality control, equipment monitoring, equipment control and information collection system

Build apps and sites that take advantage of the characteristics of smartphones

Smartphone / mobile site development

Nichietsu builds applications and sites that make use of the characteristics of smartphones and mobiles.

With the increase in web access from smartphones and mobile phones, the need for web sites to build systems that take into consideration both personal computers and smartphones and mobiles is emerging.

In addition to recreating existing PC sites and mobile sites specifically for smartphones, it is also possible to add various functions that accessed existing databases.

We support the development and planning of applications suited to your business, from BtoC (business with end users) applications to business applications linked with back-end systems.

Build a system that supports tablet devices such as iPads and Android tablets

Tablet and iPad development

Nichietsu accepts development of applications that operate on smart pad (ipad and android tablet) tablet devices (iOS / Android / Windows).

A plate-shaped "tablet terminal" without a keyboard is a touch panel method that can be operated by touching the screen with a finger, and simple character input is also possible if the keyboard is displayed on the screen.

The battery drive time is long, and you can freely browse the Internet and send / receive e-mail while traveling on the go.

We will respond flexibly to customer requests from business systems including linkage with servers to application development on terminals.

Please feel free to contact us when considering a business solution using an iPad, Android tablet or Windows tablet.