IT Comprehensive Partner

Nichietsu Co., Ltd.

Aiming to create a comfortable system, we will provide optimal development for your business

With the aim of solving customer's business problems, we are developing systems that reduce “time and effort,” and stay close to “problems,” aiming to streamline and automate business.

We are also actively working on offshore development in pursuit of cost benefits.


System development

WEB system development

Build a web system that supports various services

We design and build systems and applications according to the type of business based on the Web.

You can develop a variety of web systems, from web systems to streamline operations inside and outside the company, to programs that run on the back end of web sites.

Business system development

Design and development of all business systems

We will provide an efficient and cost-effective system by replacing daily routine work with the system.

We will develop business systems that meet various needs, from small systems using Excel and Access to original software according to customer requests.

Tablet and iPad development

Support for tablet devices such as iPad and Android

We will develop applications that achieve your business goals while incorporating functions that make use of the characteristics of iPads and tablet PCs.

We will support the development and planning of applications for customers as a business use.

Smartphone / mobile site development

Build apps and sites that take advantage of their characteristics

We will develop applications that achieve your business goals while incorporating functions that make use of the characteristics of smartphones and tablet PCs.

We propose an app that allows you to work anywhere, anywhere, at a store, at a warehouse, or in the office.

Factory system development

Development of a "visible" system aimed at improving production efficiency

We will develop a production management system in consideration of optimizing the efficiency and productivity of the entire business function according to the customer's business flow.

Regardless of the type of industry, we will propose, develop and introduce a production management system and sales management system that are optimal for customers.

System maintenance and maintenance

System maintenance to maintain stable operation

We will help customers to carry out their work more smoothly by correcting the system and recovering data in the event of a failure or failure in each business system.


Vocational Education Institutions in Vietnam

At our training center, we go beyond just learning the language and skills, and actually live in Japan and other countries, and touch on the habits, culture, and culture that we need to get a job Provide educational opportunities that emphasize


Offshore development

Offshore cost reduction with the motto “quality” “relief” “attentiveness” of domestic development Plan for

We are engaged in offshore development in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I have introduced lab-style offshore development to reduce development costs, but if you are unsure about this for the first time, please consider. We will support Japanese engineers with know-how on offshore development.

We offer contract development, lab type development and flexible development environment according to customer's request.

The language barrier

Communication and documents are OK in Japanese!

In order to develop a smooth system offshore, Bridge SE and communicators who can speak Japanese and English are stationed, and interpreting meetings, translating Japanese requirements and writing system design documents into Vietnamese.

In addition, since it is possible for the Japanese side to establish a bridge SE to be a window, it is possible to meet and meet in Japan directly.

Technological wall

A Japanese-style trained engineer staff will respond

In Vietnam, IT is regarded as a national strategy, with many universities focusing on IT education.

In addition, all development staff hires highly educated personnel in Vietnam, and our staff trained in Japanese-style engineers based on our human resources education provide high quality service.

The wall of time

Time difference is minus 2 hours from Japan time

Japan's 17:00 is an environment with a small time difference from 15:00 in Vietnam. In addition, we do not worry about it because we work early according to Japan.

Vietnam's closing time
8: 00-17: 00 (Japan time: 10: 00-19: 00)